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Probability & Random Processes - Final Exam Review

This page will just contain the most essential equations that pertain to topics on the final exam

Set Theory

Table of Discrete Random Variables

Name of Random Variable Description of variable PMF Function Expected Value- Variance -
Bernoulli number successes in 1 trial
Geometric number of trials until 1st success
Binomial number of successes in n trials
Pascal number of trials until k successes
Poisson Probability of x arrivals in T seconds
Discrete Uniform Probability of any value between k and l

Table of Continuous Random Variables

Name Form PDF CDF
Gaussian *
  • * Note that this is the standard normal CDF of the Gaussian random variable. To adjust for and use

List of Essential Equations

Expected Value


Covariance & Correleational Coefficients

Independent Variables

Given two independent random variables: